Kellerberrin District High School is a unique, diverse school servicing the needs of 150 students from Kindergarten to Year 10.

The area displays many aspects of a typical ‘Wheatbelt Farming’ community which is situated 205 kilometres east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway. Steeped in generational history and having strong ties to memories and beliefs of times gone by, the community has undergone a significant change and extreme diversification of its population in more recent years.

The school continues to experience a varying influx of student numbers with significant employment opportunities arising from the changing workforce demands of industry. The increasing cost of housing in the metropolitan area and relatively low cost housing in Kellerberrin has had a strong influence on the changing demographics of the school population.

The school seeks to achieve a greater individualised approach to education and strongly influence the community to develop ‘Locally Tailored Solutions’ for their children. Our school is a focal point for action and opportunity and acts as the heartbeat of the wider community.IMG_1054