Middle School

Students in the Early Adolescent phase have a good understanding of the world around them, and are now beginning to focus on their own plans, goals and futures. The Middle School environment at Kellerberrin District High School supports and encourages all students to become “future ready”, by incorporating a range of 21st Century lifelong learning skills – critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, collaboration and ICT literacy – to ensure our students are well prepared for areas of study and careers that may not even exist yet in our fast-changing world.

Kellerberrin District High School’s Middle School programme caters for secondary students from Years 7-10. English, Maths and Humanities are delivered by “homeroom” teachers, whilst other subjects such as Science, Health and Physical Education are delivered by specialist teachers. Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of learning experiences, including our Middle School camp where the focus is on communication skills, leadership, challenge and teamwork. The purpose of the Middle School programme is to develop confident young adults who are well prepared for both the workforce and global citizenship.

Why choose Kellerberrin DHS Middle School?

  • We can provide a level of pastoral care that many bigger schools cannot. Due to smaller cohorts, homeroom teachers know the individual students, their needs and their backgrounds, and have more time to plan learning programmes to suit all abilities.
  • Learning programs directly link to the Western Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. You can rest assured that the content delivered to your child at Kellerberrin is comparable with any other student in the same year level in Australia. Students have the opportunity to participate in Electives from a range of subjects including Photography, Media Studies, Japanese, Sewing, Home Economics, Dance, Horticulture, Personal Finance, Creative Writing and Computing/Coding.
  • The Year 7/8 class is resourced with 1:1 iPads. The Year 9/10 class has 1:1 laptop provision. Middle School students also have access to our fully equipped computing laboratory, as well as our school library – well-resourced with a bank of laptops, as well as an interactive whiteboard and projector. The use of Apple TV enhances the collaborative nature of the learning space.
  • Enrolling your child at their local school here in Kellerberrin means they remain a part of our community. They will spend less time travelling and more time being involved in sporting and social groups. We have created a Middle School community at Kellerberrin DHS, with a culture of respect, endeavour and achievement.

If you have any queries about our Middle School programme, please contact the school office on (08) 9045 4308.