Welcome to Dynamic Kellerberrin District High School

I am honoured and delighted to welcome you to Kellerberrin District High School.  As the Principal, I have great pride in our school community and I am committed to creating a culture of high expectations with an unrelenting focus on improving student outcomes.

Kellerberrin District High School opened in 1905 and became an Independent Public School in 2015. We have an outstanding governance provided by the School Board.

The opportunity to educate other people’s children is a rare privilege, bringing with it a huge responsibility to provide the best all-round education possible, as we aim to prepare young people for happiness and success for their future.

Our school has been guided by our dedicated commitment to achieving our shared vision and ensuring that our values of successful students, quality staff and connected community underpin our learning intentions so that collectively we thrive to achieve continuous improvement.

Students at Kellerberrin District High School experience challenging, invigorating and inspiring learning opportunities from quality, expert teachers, who are reflective of our student’s approaches to learning.  Students and teachers work together to set challenging and achievable goals and students know what they are learning and what success looks like.  All learning programs are adjusted to suit the needs of students to ensure that they are challenging for our academically suited students and for those students who require extra assistance, strategies are implemented to assist their learning needs.

We have an exemplary curriculum where students learn in well-resourced classrooms with an emphasis on the key curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy.  We have a strong commitment to literacy and numeracy and all students participate in tables, reading and spelling homework.  This provides our students with a sound basis of literacy and numeracy that they are able to transfer their knowledge, across all the areas of the curriculum.

Our students access a full range of curriculum and enjoy innovative practises within specialist learning areas such as Design and Technology, Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education, Science, The Arts and Indonesian.  Students interact with technology daily and use devices such as:  ipads, circuits, beetlebop, interactive whiteboards, laptops, green screens and virtual reality.

Our facilities are amazing and cater for all our students’ needs by providing flexible teaching and learning areas.  We have a well-resourced to support the students with their reading and classroom resources. We have purpose built Science and Art rooms to cater for experiments, creativity and greater movement in the classroom.  Our Pre-Primary and Kindergarten areas allow the students to experience play as an important part of their curriculum, both within the classroom and within the grounds, such as their nature playground, sandpits and climbing areas.  The students participate in assemblies in our undercover area and use our large oval to practise their sporting abilities.  We have an undercover play area that is open to all students, there are vast grassed play areas and this is on top of our fantastic basketball courts in the centre of our school.

To allow differentiation between our Primary and Middle School, our Middle School students enjoy being treated as young people who have flexible and extensive academic programs to support their learning.  This includes differences in curriculum and uniform with a great deal of leadership opportunities.

Our teachers and support staff build quality relationships to assist out students to achieve their academic goals and to provide social and emotional support.  We believe that for students to be successful, they need to feel a connectedness to school.  Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to broaden their interests and develop their personal qualities.  Students have the ability to take part in a number of leadership roles within the school, such as:  School Councillors, School Photographer and School Sports Captains, as well as participating in the Wheatbelt Youth Council.

At Kellerberrin District High School, we welcome the opportunity to work closely with our families to create partnerships where our school environment boasts success for all students.  We work together with an active P and C Committee, we have many different volunteers within the school and classroom, we have active partnerships with our community and of course the leading governance of our School Board.  We place huge value on our partnerships with our school and our community because we believe it is our shared support that assists students in achieving their best.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and dedication in ensuring our school is a school of excellence where we have an unrelenting focus to improve student outcomes.  I encourage you to become part of our daily school life, visit us at school, on our website and be part of our newsletter and if I have not met you before, please come over and introduce yourself, my door is always open.