Classroom Parent Representatives

IMG_1171The Role

The role of Class Representative is to promote parental involvement in our school community.  Class Representatives are valued members of our school community and their time and commitment are very much appreciated. Each class from Kindergarten to Year 10 has at least one Parent Representative.

Tasks and Roles of a Class Representative:

  • Welcome new parents and assist them in getting to know other parents and feel part of the school community.
  • Collect views from the class and passing them onto the P&C or classroom teacher as required.
  • Liaise with the teacher in respect to school, P&C and community events
  • Seek parental assistance when asked by the teacher to support class activities
  • Seek parent volunteers to donate time to organize and or help at events
  • Organise class parent social activities (optional)
  • Attend P & C Meetings (optional)
  • The role of the Classroom Representative does not encompass dealing with the concerns of other parents. Any concerns parents have regarding teachers, the school organization or their child should be made by them, directly to the Classroom Teacher, Deputy Principal or Principal.
Classroom Parent Representatives 2018
Kindy Jodie D’Arcy Tracee Scutter
PP/Year1 Nicole Langford Codi Mullens
Year 1/2 Libby Gibson-Trewren
Year 3/4 Kirsten Ritchie
Year 4/5 Jodie D’Arcy
Year 5/6  Marnie Sauer
Middle School   Sonya Morley