Our literacy curriculum is designed in accordance with the mandated requirements of the Department of Education to cater to the individual and diverse needs of our students.

Kellerberrin DHS is proactive in implementing programs that develop students’ literacy skills in speaking and listening, reading and viewing, and writing.

We place importance on early intervention and as such screen Kindergarten students’ speech and language development at the start of the year and make referrals to appropriate services if needed. This ensures our students are able to develop a solid foundation for later literacy development.

Our whole school phonological awareness and spelling programs are Letters and Sounds and Words Their Way. These programs allow teachers to differentiate classroom instruction so each child can work at their own developmental level.

We want for every child to develop a love of reading.  Our well stocked Library, Home Readers and Guided Reading sets allow the students an opportunity to access a range of texts that support teaching of cross-curricula priorities including local, regional and global concepts, and sustainability.  We have adopted a whole school Guided Reading program and monitor student progress in fluency and expression alongside their ability to comprehend.