Other Programs

The school staff and community seek to provide a broad range of programs that are complimentary to and enhance the learning outlined in the ‘Western Australian Curriculum’. The programs on offer at Kellerberrin are established to provide an engaging real-world application for students to extend their knowledge and understanding whilst developing a transferrable set of skills.

Student Council – Leadership

At Kellerberrin each year students from Years 5-10 are given the opportunity to nominate to be the following year’s student councillors. To nominate, students prepare and present a speech to their peers outlining why they are suitable to be a student councillor and what they are going to do to help make improvements for the rest of the student body. Their peers then vote on who they believe will be the best student councillors.

Throughout the year the student councillors have duties and responsibilities. They assist at assemblies, carnivals and whole school events. They hold fundraising events for causes such as the Cancer Foundation, Wheelchairs for Kids and Lifeline. During lunchtime breaks the student councillors run activities and games for their student body and assist in the sports monitor duties. The student councillors are expected to represent our school with pride. Before a student councillor can wear their badge they and their parent or guardian are required to sign a code of conduct to ensure they know what is expected of them.

Student Councillor Code of Conduct

  • Having exemplary behaviour both at School and in the community, e.g. Junior Sport, Blue Light Events.
  • Valuing and caring for other people, both staff and students of Kellerberrin District High School as well as community members
  • Uphold the equality of all people whilst appreciating and respecting their differences.
  • Work cooperatively to resolve conflict in a manner that enhances dignity and worth of all people.
  • Value and respect the school and local community environment.
  • Wear School uniform and behave appropriately at community and school functions/events.
  • Display a positive attitude towards learning and school.
  • Uphold 95% for their good standing

Mobile Technologies

Staff and students have embraced the introduction of mobile technologies across the school over the past few years. Significant planning and investment has allowed us to equitably provide access for students from Kindergarten through to Middle School using a number of models of access. With the mobile technologies suite predominantly consisting of iPads and iPad Minis staff are actively utilising these devices to support rotation based activities, small group work, 1 to 1 access and support students with learning difficulties. Teachers and students work side by side to develop their understanding of iPads and actively engage in tasks that realises the potential for enhancing teaching and learning experiences across a range of subject areas. Our dedicated staff have committed a great deal of personal time to build their knowledge and skills around iPads through sharing and learning together before schools at our Techy Breaky sessions. The journey will continue as students further develop their skills and understanding of how to best use these technologies to support their learning both at school and in the wider community.

Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden is a whole school project which provides students and teachers with an area in which to promote healthy eating and behaviours. It provides a backdrop for sustainability and how our students can become involved in sustainability. It is part of our Enterprising Programme as provides produce which is used in the products for sale in our student run school canteen. Excess produce is also sold for a minimum fee to parents and community members to assist in the purchase of seedlings and garden supplies for future produce. A secure purpose built Kitchen Garden area has been selected which has access to water, storage and shade. Increasing the number of garden beds has been a priority in order for increased numbers of classes and children to become involved in the project. Currently we have approximately 60 students who attend the garden on a rotational basis whilst the rest of the school support it through recycling their crunch n sip scraps and paper shredding for mulching from the school office. Creating compost bins to store school green waste such as lawn clippings, leaves and school crunch and sip scraps whist they break down has also assisted in the sustainability program through the Kitchen Garden.

We have been fortunate to obtain some grants through Healthy School and Waste Wise Schools of which we are affiliated with. The Kellerberrin P & C have also assisted us to improve the infrastructure of the Kitchen Garden.

Waste Wise Program

Kellerberrin DHS is an active member of the Waste Wise Schools program using educational strategies for reducing waste to landfill by implementing the 3Rs, reduce, reuse, recycle – while developing positive environmental values in students and the whole school community.

Our school models responsible environmental behaviors through hands-on learning experiences that are linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Our school has a ‘Kitchen Garden’ where the whole school participates in projects such as recycling, composting and worm farming.