Student Services

The School’s vision Successful Students, Quality Staff and A Connected Community is the    foundation of a comprehensive Pastoral Care Program which encompasses student behaviour, social and emotional health, health and welfare, provision for students with special needs and attendance. Kellerberrin District High School is committed to early intervention and addressing the individual needs as early as possible to ensure that every student achieves to their full potential.

Our Student Services Coordinator (a role undertaken by the Deputy Principal) works closely with teaching staff to identify students at risk and then coordinates our School Psychologist, Visiting Specialist Teachers and additional health and support services offered through Primary Health in Merredin to ensure the needs of the individual student are being met.

For students who require specific and/or intensive support, Individual Education Plans or Individual Behaviour Management Plans are designed to address limited progress in areas of targeted intervention. Programs may replace or, where possible, will be additional to classroom instruction. These are delivered in small groups or individually.