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All public schools are required to have a dress code and students are required to comply with the code unless they have been granted an exemption. Exemptions and sanctions will be managed in accordance with the School Education Regulations 2000 and requirements in the Dress Codes for Students Procedures.


Dress codes are tangible evidence of the standards expected of students. A school’s dress code plays an important role in promoting a positive image of the school and creating a sense of identity among students.

The Kellerberrin District High School Board and community believe that the School Dress Code:

  • Develops pride and school community spirit in students.
  • Enhances the public image and status of the school.
  • Encourages equity among students.
  • Ensures students are dressed safely for specific school activities e.g., physical education, excursions.
  • Promotes the school’s Sun Smart Policy and protects students from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Keeps the cost of clothing within reasonable limits for parents.
  • Promotes safety of students through easy identification.
  • Assists students to learn the importance of appropriate presentation.


To provide parents and students with a dress code that is safe and appropriate for school activities, reasonable by contemporary standards, is affordable to parents, and considers the risks of ultraviolet radiation.

To provide appropriate processes for exemption or modification related to student health, ethnic considerations, religion or any other matter, which in the Principal’s opinion, is sufficient to exempt a student from the dress code requirements.


Acceptance of enrolment at Kellerberrin District High School assumes an agreement that the enrolling student will dress within the guidelines of the School Dress Code, including any negotiated exemptions.   Students must always wear the school uniform including, when representing the school at sporting events and excursions.   The wearing of clothing showing motifs or pictures that may be seen to be offensive to others or inappropriate is not acceptable.   Uniforms can be purchased from the Kellerberrin District High School School P&C Uniform Shop.

Kindergarten – Year 6

  • Sublimated Kellerberrin District High School collared t-shirt.
  • Gold polo shirts are able to be worn until the end of Semester One/July 2023 as the school transitions to the new sublimated uniform shirt.
  • Royal blue jumper – school logo preferred but not essential.
  • Royal blue shorts, skirt, skorts or pants.
  • School provided reversible coloured bucket hat.
  • Closed in shoes or sandals. No thongs, slides, ugg boots.

Year 7 – Year 10

  • Sublimated Kellerberrin District High School collared t-shirt.
  • Navy blue jumper – school logo preferred but not essential.
  • Navy blue shorts, skirt, skorts or pants.
  • Closed in shoes or sandals. No thongs, slides, ugg boots.

Interschool Sport

  • Sublimated Kellerberrin District High School collared t-shirt and/or as advised on note to parents.

Year Six and Year Ten Memento Shirts

Students in Years Six and Ten may purchase a Memento Student shirt as part of the school uniform. Students are able to wear this shirt in addition to the sublimated school t-shirt.


All students from Kindergarten to Year Six must wear a royal blue and yellow reversible bucket hat at all times when outside. Secondary students are to wear the school hat or provide an appropriate hat of their choice.   A ‘No Hat No Play’ policy is in place all year.